Nutrishop® Celebrates 20 Years of Results

Nutrishop® Celebrates 20 Years of Results


HENDERSON, Nev., May 18, 2023 – Nutrishop, a national retail nutrition franchise specializing in weight loss, wellness, and more, is celebrating 20 years in business. Over the past two decades, Nutrishop has become a leading provider of dietary supplements and personalized wellness services, helping countless customers achieve their health and fitness goals.

“We are thrilled to celebrate this major milestone in our company’s history,” said Founder and CEO Bryon McLendon, who started the company with just one location. “For 20 years, we have remained committed to providing our customers with the best products and services.”

Over the past 20 years, despite the challenges of the economic crash of 2008 and the COVID-19 pandemic, Nutrishop has remained resilient and strong. Through innovative strategies and a commitment to customer satisfaction, Nutrishop has continued to grow and expand. Some key accomplishments include partnerships with companies like 24 Hour Fitness, InBody, Evolt, and BioLev DNA testing, and numerous collaborations with brand advocates, athletes, and influencers. Nutrishop has also increased its product offerings to over 170 exclusive SKUs – protein powders, sports nutrition, weight loss, vitamins, general health, detox and gut formulas, immune-support supplements, vegan formulas, and more – that cater to a wide range of health, fitness and wellness goals.

“I became a Nutrishop customer about seven years ago when trying to recover from an injury. After many years of being active and being in the fitness industry, I felt deeply defeated,” said Kerri Shingledecker, a mother of five. “Being warm and welcoming, Nutrishop Indio encouraged, educated, and supported me. Fast forward, I’ve not only changed my health and life, but I’ve found a new family and currently manage the same store that brought me to where I am today.”

Looking ahead, Nutrishop remains committed to continued success and expansion, with seven new franchised locations set to open in the next 90-120 days. As a leading provider of cutting-edge dietary supplements, the company will continue to unveil a range of innovative products. A noteworthy offering coming out soon is NutriGuide®, a DNA testing kit that will help personalize nutrition recommendations based on each customer’s unique genetic makeup. The new kit will not only help take some of the guesswork out of supplementation but will also add to the highly personalized customer experience that has been foundational to the success of Nutrishop stores. Above all, Nutrishop will continue to build on and enhance its one-of-a-kind customer experience through services like custom meal plans, body composition analysis scans, transformation challenges, nutritional guidance and coaching, and more.

“It’s been so exciting to watch this company mature and grow, evolving with the industry but keeping to our roots to set ourselves apart – head and shoulders above the rest,” said Nutrishop Indio, CA franchisee Mike Norcia, who has been with the company since he and McLendon opened the first location in Norco, CA in 2003. “For me personally, I couldn’t ask for a better corporate structure for support, innovation, and quality products. Nutrishop puts me as an owner in a position to succeed with every move it makes, and they always seem to have the owners’ best interest and success in mind.”

For those interested in owning a Nutrishop franchise, the company offers a variety of benefits, including zero royalties, ongoing support, national campaigns, marketing assistance, leading-edge brands, e-commerce platforms, exclusive products, protected territories, and more. To learn more about becoming a Nutrishop franchise owner, visit

“At Nutrishop, we are dedicated to providing our customers with the best possible experience and products,” said McLendon. “What set us apart over the last 20 years will continue to set us apart in the next 20 years. We will work tirelessly to help our customers achieve their health, fitness, and wellness goals with products and services that deliver results.”

Since 2003, NUTRISHOP® has helped countless individuals live a fit, healthy, happy lifestyle. Nutrishop stores offer customers a low-price guarantee on a wide array of cutting-edge dietary supplements, exceptional, individualized customer service, easy-to-follow meal plans, body composition assessment tools, and sound nutritional guidance. The Nutrishop business model focuses primarily on franchisee-owned and operated stores that provide consumers with the tools to achieve their health and fitness goals. For more information, visit and follow on Instagram @NutrishopUSA. To learn more about becoming a Nutrishop franchisee, visit