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5 Tips for Transformation Success

If weight loss was at the top of your list when it came to setting goals for 2022, how are things going so far?

If weight loss was at the top of your list when it came to making your 2022 New Year's resolutions, how are things going so far? Are you winning in the battle of the bulge? 

Whether you packed on the COVID-15 over the last 20 months or you just want to lean down and get healthier to support a stronger immune system and a healthier, happier lifestyle, here are tips from Amy Jo Palmquest, a NUTRISHOP store owner in Washington, on how to succeed in your transforamtion journey. Palmquest is an ACE-certified personal trainer with a degree in exercise science and nutrition who has helped a great number of people achieve healthy transformations during her career.

Below are her suggestions:

5 Ways To Achieve a Successful Transformation

  1. Avoid extreme dieting. Don’t cut calories too low (under 1200 for women, under 1800 for men). 
  2. Track your progress weekly (use a scale, pictures and/or measuring tape) and if that’s not working for you, then hire some help!
  3. Set specific goals with deadlines. Start with small goals that lead up to your main goal. Achieving small goals is a rewarding way to keep you motivated to continue.
  4. Incorporate foods you actually enjoy eating but that still align with your goals. If you need help with nutrition tips, talk to someone who truly understands nutrition. 
  5. Keep your "trigger foods," the snacks and items that tempt you the most, out of sight! That means cleaning out your pantry and not buying them next time you’re at the store. Out of sight, out of mind. 

"I’m telling you! It’s so worth it to find your groove and find what works for you to maintain happiness," Palmquest said. "Keep in mind, diet has to be the major focus to reach your goals, particularly if you can’t get to the gym regularly. People who have time for daily exercise/weight training, can have a little more flexibility in their nutrition. Regardless, diet is king when it comes to a true transformation."

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