Ronnie Villanueva - Coaching Team

Ronnie Villanueva

Coaching Team

Ronnie Villanueva joined the Nutrishop family in 2008 when he opened his first store in Redondo Beach, CA with his wife Jodi. Located just 3 blocks from the California coast, Ronnie enjoys helping educate the residents of several nearby coastal communities on the benefits of nutrition, exercise, and supplementation the Nutrishop way. In 2013, Ronnie and Jodi opened a Nutrishop store in Monterey Park, CA and began working full-time with the Nutrishop corporate office sharing his experience and passion helping other owners across the nation.

When he is not working, you can find Ronnie spending time with his two boys Jaxson and Jayce at regional air shows or playing on the local beach volleyball circuit where he earned is AAA rating playing beach volleyball. Ronnie loves to share his passion for military history with his boys whenever he has the chance.