Amber Pera - Marketing Director

Amber Pera

Marketing Director

Meet our Marketing Director, Amber Pera. Amber joined Nutrishop as a team athlete and later had the opportunity to manage the Las Vegas retail store location in 2012. She learned the Nutrishop business model from the ground up—responsible for sales, marketing, and athlete management.

In May 2015, she joined Nutrishop, Inc. to oversee the digital marketing launch and manage the influencer and athlete strategy–where the team flourished, and social media platforms grew. Amber further took on the role of Editor-in-Chief for our exclusive publication, Modern Fitness Magazine. Under her direction, Modern Fitness Magazine has featured top athletes, educational articles from elite fitness professionals, and appetizing recipes from award-winning chefs. 

When Amber isn’t assisting photo shoots or helping prep product launches, you can find her outdoors—whether it’s in the mountains or the beach, this girl loves getting in touch with nature. One thing you can count on, her dog, Bianca, is always by her side. She also enjoys volunteering with her church group on the weekends and spending time with her family. Growing up, her dad was a Los Angeles County Fire Captain, therefore the fire service and serving the community has always been a huge part of her heart.