Store Owner Testimonials

We regularly get great feedback and testimonials from many of our existing store owners.  Here is what some of them have to say about NUTRISHOP.™

A recent letter to the Vice President of Nutrishop, Inc:

I have had the privilege of working with many professionals in my career and I want to tell you that I credit much of my stores success to the NutriShop team that you have put together. They are all ultimate team players and I admire and appreciate the commitment, dedication, and work ethic not only to the company they represent so well, but their ability, patience and willingness to assist our store in accomplishing our goals and objectives. Your entire team has a great demeanor. They are always full of energy, yet, pleasant and professional.

I have witnessed many associates in their efforts to "do a great job". It is my sincere opinion that your teams’ performance exceeds all expectations we have for them.

Thank you all for the opportunity and for the great support!!

Lori Grigg; Multiple Store Owner, CA

I am writing to share my sincerest gratitude to everyone who is a part of Nutrishop, Inc. The individuals that work at the Nutrishop Corporate Office are some of the most amazing people that I have ever met. As an owner, I fully support and believe in the way Nutrishop, Inc. has been running this business. I first started visiting Nutrishop stores when I was attending college at Chico State University. From the very first time I walked in, I knew I wanted to be a part of this amazing company. The culture, the attitude, the attention to detail that is given to every one of the Licensees, their staff and most importantly their customers is incredible. Although my time has been short in being a part of the Nutrishop system as a store owner, I cannot deny the fact that we are one big family. Again, I want to thank everyone that is a part of this amazing company from the bottom of my heart and wish everyone involved in the day to day operations the very best. I cannot express what you all mean to me and my family.

Brandon Pratt; Multiple Store Owner, CA

I own a Nutrishop in Ohio, just opened my second Nutrishop in Georgia and plan on opening three more. If my wife lets me, I will open as many Nutrishop locations as possible. I've worked in both the restaurant business and the movie business and have now found the perfect business model for me, the retail nutrition industry with Nutrishop. A resilient business model that is growing annually and still thriving during these unsettled economic times.

Everyone and their mother is looking to either lose weight, gain muscle, improve energy levels, stay fit and/or live a healthier lifestyle. This is what we do! These are our customers! Nutrishop provides all of that and then some. We are in the business of helping individuals look better, feel better and achieve their fitness goals. We provide the best products at the lowest prices and our customer service is second to none. The best part is the majority of our new customers become "regulars" and every time you see them, they're happy to see you; someone who helped them achieve their fitness goals.

As for the corporate support at Nutrishop, there's not much more I can say that hasn't been said already by the other Nutrishop store owners. They assist you every step of the way from the site location process through the grand opening of your store and truly make it a seamless and fun process. And the training program they offer new store owners is a key component that lends to the strong track record of success that Nutrishop store owners experience. Once your store is open for business, the ongoing training and support from the corporate staff is second to none. Everyone at the corporate office goes above and beyond to help ensure your success. They truly care and it shows. With Nutrishop's corporate assistance, I don't feel like a mom & pop store owner, out there on my own. Nutrishop's impeccable reputation and unparalleled support gives you the recipe to achieve your dreams of owning a successful business that you are passionate about. Thank you Nutrishop!

Charlie Cheng; Multiple Store Owner, OH

The decision to open a Nutrishop has been one of the best decisions that my husband Bryce and I ever made! My husband is active-duty Army serving overseas so we knew that the brunt of the work regarding the opening of our Nutrishop store was going to fall on me. I was excited and hopeful, but also skeptical, nervous, and even quite sad as I loved my career as a teacher and felt that I was going to miss it terribly. Further, I had never even worked in retail. I was sure that in opening my own retail business I would be in over my head so to speak. After all, there were so many things to learn; the products, build-out process, permits, point-of-sale program, marketing, taxes, customer service, and more which were all completely foreign to me. The timing, too, was such that my husband would be deployed during the entire setup time!

However, what I soon discovered was that I was never alone as the Nutrishop Corporate staff held my hand through the entire process. Before my husband left, he introduced me, via a phone conversation, to a few Nutrishop Corporate contacts. From that initial introduction, throughout my training, throughout the build-out process, and ultimately opening our doors, I was never alone. I felt so incredibly supported…and still do! Nutrishop Corporate has been completely accessible, regardless of my need. They did an incredible job training me (on product, business strategies, marketing, merchandising, customer service, customer retention, and more) and continue to be consistent in their advice and ongoing support.

As of this writing, we have been open for two months. Thanks to the insightful expertise of Nutrishop Corporate, our store is doing extremely well. I enjoy coming to work, meeting new people, engaging with regulars and hearing about their successes. I don’t miss my beloved teaching job at all! Thank you Nutrishop!!! I now see firsthand why Nutrishop is one of the fastest growing retail nutrition chains in the country!

Bryce and Amy Bullman; Single Store Owner, NC

After flying around the country doing over 30 job interviews with various companies leading to dead ends, I decided to hire myself and skip the interview process.  I researched several industries to get involved in, but decided to go where my passion was, health and fitness.  And it just so happened that this industry is VERY resilient and has grown substantially for decades.  It even had tremendous growth in 2010.  I mean how many industry’s can say that?!  So with some background  in retail sales while in college and over 20 years sales experience, I focused on a retail nutrition business.

Following the research and comparing several retail nutrition chains out there today, it was a no-brainer to go with Nutrishop as my choice to open the first store.  The business structure and growth of Nutrishop is superior to the others as well as the Nutrishop corporate team having the experience, knowledge and track record of success that I was looking for.

As of this writing, I've been open for business only a month, but it could not have gone smoother and I am off to a great start!  The corporate team at Nutrishop really cares!  From the site location process and lease negotiation assistance from Nutrishop’s broker (Jim), the initial store owner’s training program, store environment, design and build-out tips, overall retail sales assistance, marketing ideas, product selection and information, merchandising… Nutrishop corporate “crosses every T” and “dots every i”!  All the way down the line, Nutrishop has become my “Phone a Friend” lifeline, only I'm not limited to one call, they are always there for me when I need them to give support and lend a hand.  Thanks Nutrishop!

Eric Attoian; Multiple Store Owner, CA

This is for anyone that is considering opening a Nutrishop… I first came across Nutrishop while living in Florida. Right from the start, the owner treated me like a friend, giving great advice time and time again. I soon became a regular customer. After returning to New Jersey in 2009, I could not locate a store that offered anything that compared to Nutrishop so I considered opening one myself. I did all of my homework and also called many current Nutrishop store owners across the country. The feedback was 100% positive based on every owner's personal experience with Nutrishop Corporate. Every owner told me with conviction that it would be the best decision I ever made. That made me feel comfortable but still I was skeptical by nature. 

After filling out the Application on and speaking with an individual from the Nutrishop corporate office, my level of confidence grew and I was as excited as ever to start my new venture! The Nutrishop Team was very supportive right out of the gate and they helped me from not only the start, but are still here for me today when I need advice. They are ALWAYS available and that gives me another level of assurance that they are here to help me succeed. The process of opening my store could not have been easier. 

Now eight months later, I can honestly say that THIS WAS THE BEST DECISION I EVER MADE!!! I am truly thankful for the owner in Florida for his constant reassurance that I'm doing the right thing. And I'm truly thankful to Nutrishop for the opportunity they have given me. They (Nutrishop) have changed my life in such a positive way. I'm financially secure and doing something I love! Now I am in the process of opening my second location in less than a year! Thanks again Nutrishop!

Joe D'Arpa; Multiple Store Owner, NJ

Beginning the process of opening the first two Nutrishop locations in San Diego at the young age of 24 was an accomplishment and I could not have done it without the incredible support of Nutrishop. Their persistent involvement, attention to detail, extensive training and industry knowledge have all contributed to my success. I am currently in the process of opening my third location and I can honestly say that I absolutely made the right career choice. I really love what I do for a living, especially when it comes to getting my customers the results they’re looking for!

The Nutrishop business model works and you as the store owner have the power to become as successful as you want to be! The Nutrishop Corporate Team gives you all of the tools to operate a successful retail nutrition business. Their extensive training and ongoing support gives me the level of comfort I was looking for. It is very clear that Nutrishop truly cares about each and every store owner and their success and are literally there for you anytime you need them.

Nutrishop has an incredible track record of success and are always evolving to stay ahead of the curve and one step ahead of the competition within the industry. The Nutrishop marketing department does an amazing job of assisting the store owners in putting together an aggressive campaign for each store’s territory in order to get the Nutrishop message out there and the creative materials are second to none. Having direct access to the Nutrishop marketing department allows me to work one-on-one with them to ensure my marketing and design needs are met.

Overall, being a part of the Nutrishop family (and I do not use the word family loosely) is rewarding in more ways than one and the experience is one of a kind. Nutrishop affords you the opportunity to create your own personal success, financial freedom and build relationships that will last forever. Thank you Nutrishop for everything!

Brenda & Abe Leon; Multiple Store Owners, CA

We opened our Nutrishop location in Tennessee back in January of 2011. At that time we were both working full time jobs but had the desire to open our own business and do something for ourselves that we were both passionate about. We came across Nutrishop in a Muscle and Fitness magazine while on vacation. That next week we did our research on Nutrishop and were both absolutely impressed. Not to mention their track record of success was second to none! We set out to open a store in September of 2010 and since this was our first venture of this nature the thought of opening a store from scratch was extremely overwhelming. We were pleasantly surprised! The corporate team at Nutrishop made this process extremely easy and fun! We were able to open four months later and things are going GREAT! We are doing something we love and already have plans on opening a second location in the very near future. We highly recommend Nutrishop to anyone considering opening a retail nutrition business. The Nutrishop Corporate team is a huge asset to our success and they truly care about each and every store owner and their successes. The training that Nutrishop Corporate provided us was invaluable and really helped prepare us for operating a successful store. The Nutrishop team are the best at what they do and we are blessed to be part of such a wonderful family!

Yancey Holder; Single Store Owner, TN

I came across Nutrishop while attending college in Tampa, Florida.  When I first stepped into the Tampa location, the atmosphere was like no other supplement store I have ever visited; inviting, clean and very organized. The same could be said for the customer service and product knowledge that the store operator provided.  This is something I was not accustomed to with other retail nutrition stores. With all of that taken into account coupled with the quality I experienced of the recommended products, I was hooked!

While finishing my last semester at UT in the MBA program, I decided to do my e-marketing term paper on Nutrishop. The further I delved into the primary and secondary research of Nutrishop and in particular the Tampa location; the more I liked the mantra/culture of Nutrishop: providing high quality supplements at the lowest prices with unparalleled customer service.

Upon graduating I was fortunate enough to return to my home state of Pennsylvania and take everything I learned firsthand in researching Nutrishop and apply it to opening my own Nutrishop.  It is extremely gratifying being my own boss and having the ongoing support of the corporate team as well as the numerous shop owners I’ve befriended. It is very exciting to watch my business grow each month while helping people achieve their fitness goals.  Thank you Nutrishop!

Rob Ortega; Single Store Owner, PA

Before opening up my Nutrishop location, I was working in the corporate world fresh out of college with a degree in Business Administration. After about 2 years of sitting in an office dealing with conference calls, managers and corporate executives giving me orders, I began to question whether or not this was what I wanted to do for the rest of my life.  

I’ve always had a dream of owning my own business and while in school, I had some experience working in a retail nutrition store. After some thorough research and due diligence on my part, I decided to look into Nutrishop and their business model. I was very impressed with the Nutrishop system and quickly learned that when implementing the system correctly, it gives me as a store owner unlimited earning potential.  I now fully comprehend how Nutrishop has achieved their track record of success.

Since day one, Nutrishop’s corporate team has provided me with proper assistance in opening my store and offered ongoing support to help me grow my business. They also offer comprehensive training to me and my staff regularly so that we’re current and up to date with the latest industry news and developments. I have the freedom of controlling my own destiny. I can honestly say that I’ve made the right choice by choosing Nutrishop as my vehicle to start my successful entrepreneurial career!

Spyrus Mediodia; Multiple Store Owner, CA

I enjoy living a healthy lifestyle and being a Nutrishop Store owner has given me the opportunity to help others achieve their health and fitness goals. My experience with Nutrishop began as a customer. I could not have been more impressed by the professional and supportive atmosphere of the store I used to shop at. When I began to look into ownership of a store of my own, I quickly realized that the individuals with Nutrishop corporate shared the same great qualities that had made me a loyal customer. Now I have the freedom of owning a business along with ongoing support from the Nutrishop team. Owning a Nutrishop has given me the freedom I desire. 

When I first inquired about opening a store; the thought of opening a store from scratch was extremely overwhelming as this was my first venture of this sort. However, the corporate team made this process VERY easy. After all, they have been opening retail nutrition stores with success for over 15 years. I also like the fact that the Nutrishop business model gives you the freedom of unlimited earning potential. The more I earn, the more I earn unlike a typical franchise model where the more you earn, the more you pay in royalties!

The Nutrishop Corporate team provides me with the support I need to help grow my business. From day one, they have provided me with the latest product knowledge and industry news so I can stay updated on the latest trends to better serve my customers. The marketing assistance and graphic design they provide is invaluable and has contributed greatly to my success. Thank you Nutrishop!

Brett Hickey; Multiple Store Owner, TX

My name is Ancira Vasquez and I have been working for the Nutrishop family for about 7 years now. And I say “family” because that’s what it truly feels like.  For 2 of those 7 years I have been the owner of my own store in Southern California.  The reasoning behind my decision to open a Nutrishop was first, my passion for health and fitness, second, my desire to help others achieve their fitness goals, third, it is an industry that grows every year and lastly, who doesn’t want to be their own boss and control their earning potential which in this case is unlimited. 

Now that I’ve been an owner for 2 years, I can honestly say the Nutrishop Corporate team is a huge asset to my success and truly cares about each store owner and their success. As of this writing, my business has doubled within 1 year and it continues to grow each month. I couldn't do it without the great services, advice and support the Nutrishop corporate team provides. Although the economy was at an all time low when I opened my store and many of my friends and acquaintances doubted its success, I was able to prove them wrong by letting them see firsthand that this industry is extremely resilient and that the majority of the public either wants to look better and/or feel better. That will never go “out of style”! I love my business! Thanks Nutrishop!

Ancira Vasquez; Single Store Owner, CA

My wife and I opened our Nutrishop location in 2004.  At the time we were both working over 50 hours a week and living paycheck to paycheck.  We were both Nutrishop customers before we were owners.  Our jobs kept us very active and the nutritional supplements we purchased from Nutrishop were vital to our health and our lifestyle.  When the opportunity presented itself for us to open our own Nutrishop location, we jumped at it and have never looked back.  It has been about 7 years since we joined the Nutrishop family and the support we continue to receive from the corporate team is second to none.  To this day, they are right by our side offering advice and suggestions on how we can continue to improve every month as well as keeping us up to speed on industry news and information.  We have never been happier!  Owning a Nutrishop has afforded us the freedom of owning our own business and the time to raise our children.  I spend about thirty hours a week in my store, and wife puts in her regular 8 hours a year in the store J.  This opportunity has allowed us to purchase our home and live very comfortably with our 3 children.  In addition to that, this business is very rewarding as we are able to help our customers achieve their fitness goals and that is a great feeling!   

Mark & Sabrina Enriquez; Single Store Owners, CA

My name is Toby Schindelbeck and I have owned Sports Nutrition stores since 1998 and opened my first one when I was 20 years old. My first 4 stores were with another retail nutrition chain. When I sold them in 2006 to move to Northern California, I explored all of my options thoroughly. I decided against opening another store with the company I opened my original stores with due to several reasons that I will not go into.  I decided to meet with the guys at NUTRISHOP instead and I’m glad I did!  Having 8 years of experience and knowledge of this industry myself, I have to say I was very impressed with the NUTRISHOP system as a whole and especially impressed with the type of support the corporate team offered and the quality of the product selection found at NUTRISHOP.  Now, after being a NUTRISHOP licensee for over 4 years and opening stores, I have nothing but great things to say about NUTRISHOP and I am glad I made the right decision. NUTRISHOP is with me every step of the way, even 4 years later, making it very easy for me to succeed. I would highly recommend NUTRISHOP to anyone considering opening a retail nutrition business.

Toby Schindelbeck, Multiple Store Owner, CA & ID

As of this writing, I am a new store owner; I have been open for 3 months and have nothing but great things to say about Nutrishop as a company!

I have been involved in several business ventures over the past 15 years.  I was the designer/owner of a chain of retail children’s clothing stores that also sold wholesale.  I am a fitness model, author of a health and fitness book and now a proud Nutrishop store owner/operator.  As I look back and compare the amount of work and stress that goes into a business, this is without a doubt the most enjoyable and rewarding out of all of my past endeavors.

Before I opened my Nutrishop retail location, I wasn’t even looking for a business opportunity, it all just fell into place and I truly believe it was meant to be!  I met a couple of the officers of the Nutrishop Corporation at the gym one day and ended up doing a photo shoot for a few marketing pieces for the company.  I realized what great people they were and wanted to be a part of their business.  The timing was right so I decided to jump right in.

Their real estate broker assisted me with finding a location, I went through their extensive training program with Brian Barthelmess (which by the way was invaluable!) and then opened my store.

Brian Barthelmess and the entire corporate staff at Nutrishop are so knowledgeable in all areas of this business and I couldn’t have done it without them! From the beginning up to the day I opened, they were with me every step of the way as they held my hand through the entire process.  It completely took all of the stress of opening a new business away!  This was such a smooth and easy process with Nutrishop!  I really can’t thank everyone at Nutrishop enough!  It is the best investment I could have ever made and I am now earning a living doing what I love!

Barbara Godfrey; Single Store Owner, CA

I began my entrepreneurial career over 11 years ago in the manufacturing industry. I have been involved in a variety of business partnerships, models and struggles along the way. I have learned how to be successful and definitely how not to be successful through my trials and tribulations of self-employment. After many years of dissatisfaction with my career as it was going, I found myself seeking out another business opportunity that was both within my budget and that would eventually be able to give me what I desired, and that was freedom. Not freedom from working, but freedom to control my work environment and my future.

My history with Nutrishop began as a customer. I did not have the skills or understanding how to be successful in the retail environment. This is where the Nutrishop team came in. The level of support that one receives as an owner or owner/operator is impeccable. That support is ongoing and every member of the Nutrishop team takes the success of each and every store personally. With that said, the success of Nutrishop as a whole is not a surprise. There is a calculated effort made by the Nutrishop executives that allows for this success. The Nutrishop Corporation is owned and managed by a team of individuals who are passionate about not only the industry, but about the business success of all the stores. Endless hours are spent that directly support the growth and success of the stores. From developing marketing strategies to constant communication about anything relating to the industry, this team of professionals is definitely on the cutting edge.

From an investor standpoint, I cannot think of any business enterprise, that when executed correctly, will yield the return that once can expect to obtain from one Nutrishop store or even more so, a multitude of stores.

As a multiple Nutrishop store owners myself, I am truly blessed to be a part of the Nutrishop team. My venture here has allowed me to be a part of something I care about and am interested in. It has allowed me a tremendous amount of time to balance work with the freedom to spend time with my family. It has given me a future, even in an economy like we see today, in an industry that is still growing and thriving.

Thomas Paz; Multiple Store Owner, AZ & CA

If you are looking to enter into the growing Sports Nutrition and Weight Loss industry, NUTRISHOP is the clear and obvious choice. After looking into numerous Sports Nutrition retail operations, none of them offered the complete package. From the start, all of my questions were answered. NUTRISHOP was up front with me and very helpful throughout the process.  They offered a comprehensive retail training program that I would have to say is unmatched in the industry. They helped with the store set up, marketing strategies and product selection. Their real estate broker even helped with me with my lease negotiations and lease execution.  The further I got into the process the more I realized I made the correct and best possible choice. 

NUTRISHOP understands what works, and what doesn’t. The officers of this company have been successful multiple store owners themselves for over a decade and they operate the company through the eyes of a store owner. They have been through everything that you as a new store owner will go through. They have perfected the process while most are still trying to figure it out.  I am excited and proud to say that I am currently in the process of opening my second Nutrishop location.

Jason Mattes; Single Store Owner, CA

I was employed at UPS for 16 years and decided that I needed a change. I always had a passion for the dietary supplement industry and knew that one day I wanted to own my own retail nutrition business. After researching the industry in general with respect to future growth and projections, I decided to look into several retail nutrition companies and do some comparisons. Nutrishop was the clear and obvious choice for me for more than one reason. 

From day one they literally held my hand through the entire process. As I reflect on my decision to become my own boss and enjoy my success and rewards, my only regret is that I didn’t make this career change sooner! I am glad I made the switch and a change of careers has been a blessing.  I now come to work and actually enjoy what I do for a living. I am currently in the process of opening my second location in Florida and have no plans of slowing down. I understand how tough the decision can be to leave a stable career to chase your dream of owning your own business, but I can say with confidence that the Nutrishop team is there every step of the way to help turn your dream into a reality!

Vince Marinaccio; Multiple Store Owner, FL

I have always had a passion for the fitness/nutrition industry but the thought of opening my own business seemed unrealistic as I had no idea how to go about getting started.  I decided to look into a Nutrishop after having several conversations with the owner of Nutrishop in Fullerton, CA. This led me to meet with the Nutrishop executives to inquire about the Nutrishop system and what they had to offer. Although hesitant in leaving my current job, the positive, open manner in which Nutrishop presented this opportunity, along with my personal research led me to know that this was a safe and sound decision. 

The training that Nutrishop provided really helped prepare me for operating a successful store. The product knowledge learned during this time is also invaluable as well as the small ins and out the retail nutrition industry. During the new store owner training, the Nutrishop corporate staff gave me access to many years of experience and success in a hands-on role that is tough to duplicate. Their ability to communicate the product knowledge as well as understanding the customer’s needs provided a valuable insight. Nutrishop is with you every step of the way. Their real estate broker assisted me with the site location process, they helped me design my store, assisted with the purchase of product and made setting up the store very simple. They catered to my every need. 

After I opened, they were always there for me to lend their expertise and answer any questions that may have come up.  They also make it a point to visit my store on a very regular basis to offer support. There is no doubt I would recommend Nutrishop to anyone who has a passion for health and fitness and is considering starting their own business.  I, like other owners, am in the process of opening additional Nutrishop locations. 

Tom Kelly; Multiple Store Owner, CA

Before opening my first Nutrishop location, I was a stay at home mom. As my children have grown older, I had the desire to return to work, but I did not want to invest my valuable time into someone else’s business. Even though it is a lot of work and responsibility owning your own business, the payoff is well worth it! 

Nutrishop has given me the opportunity to be my own boss, yet balance my life with my family. Nutrishop offers a comprehensive training program that has allowed me to be very successful…so successful that I have opened additional Nutrishop locations.  

One of the most rewarding things that I experience everyday is helping all of my customers achieve their personal fitness goals. Nutrishop has assisted me in creating a warm, inviting and comfortable environment for my customers in both of my stores that I never experienced shopping in other retail nutrition stores. Thank you Nutrishop!

Michelle Rodriguez; Multiple Store Owner, CA

Nutrishop has carved a niche in the retail nutrition and supplement market that in my opinion is unmatched industry wide. The first-hand information and experience has paid huge dividends for my store. The Nutrishop team has developed a very successful system that was both educational and humbling. I highly urge anyone interested in becoming their own boss in this growing retail nutrition industry to strongly consider Nutrishop. You will not be disappointed!

Ronnie Villanueva; Single Store Owner, CA

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