Is the NUTRISHOP™ License opportunity the right choice for me?

Deciding to go into business for yourself requires careful consideration. If you seek entrepreneurship in the fitness and nutrition industry - as part of a team with a track record of success - with training, tools and unlimited support to assist you - a NUTRISHOP™ License opportunity may be just what you are looking for. We are very selective with regard to the growth of NUTRISHOP™. We are seeking entrepreneurs who share our same passion and enthusiasm for helping others achieve their fitness goals and enjoy a healthier lifestyle.

Why choose NUTRISHOP™ over any other retail nutrition company opportunity?

Rapidly approaching 200 locations nationwide as well as international exposure, NUTRISHOP™ is one of the fastest growing sports nutrition, weight loss and vitamin retail chains today. Over the past 20 years, the officers of the NUTRISHOP™ Corporation have studied the trends and competition variables of the retail nutrition industry. We are confident that NUTRISHOP™ maintains an edge over the competition. Offering all top industry brands, guaranteed low prices, over 100 exclusive sports nutrition, weight loss, vitamin and general health supplements/skus, coupled with unparalleled customer service is the mainstay for our continued success. Being a License program and NOT a franchise positions NUTRISHOP™ as one of the most cost effective and lucrative nutrition based retail businesses to open.

Why open a NUTRISHOP™ vs. opening a store on your own?

In addition to our extensive in-store training program from staff members who have specialized and succeeded in this industry for many years as well as ongoing retail and marketing support from our industry seasoned professionals, NUTRISHOP™ provides you with national buying power on all of the top industry brands that enables you to compete with any retail nutrition outlet including some of the lowest priced websites. This is crucial to the success of any retail nutrition business today. Another benefit to joining the NUTRISHOP™ system is access to more than 100 exclusive sports nutrition, weight loss, vitamin and general health supplements/skus that are not sold through independent retailers or mass market internet websites. We feel these nutritional supplements are unmatched in quality, innovation and value and as far as taste, they are second to none. These supplements are produced under strict cGMP guidelines and testing to ensure quality and effectiveness which ensures our stores' customer retention rate. We are confident that our passion and comprehension of this industry makes NUTRISHOP™ your best option. All of the aforementioned qualities as well as many others which will be disclosed further into the process allow you to be profitable as a business owner while offering some of the highest quality, cutting edge nutritional supplements available today.

Does NUTRISHOP™ offer opportunities beyond owning a single location?

Absolutely. NUTRISHOP™ also offers Multi-Unit and Area Development License opportunities in all 50 states. The Multi-Unit opportunity enables entrepreneurs to own and operate two or more retail locations in a particular territory should the demographics support this. The Area Development opportunity is available to more experienced entrepreneurs looking to develop a specific region or county.

Do you assist in the store location process?

Yes. We offer full assistance with the site selection process and you have the freedom to decide where you would like your retail store to be located. The only stipulation is that it does not interfere with the territorial rights of any existing or “coming soon” location(s). We work directly with a commercial real estate broker that utilizes U.S. Census Data, consumer profiles and demographic research to assist you in your search. This critical data coupled with key factors such as location visibility and local traffic counts will allow you to make an educated decision regarding your site selection. This broker service is available to you at no charge.

Do I receive a protected territory as a Nutrishop Licensee?

Yes. We offer some of the most aggressive protected territories in the industry. Your protected territory is based on several factors including radius and population.

What is the average size of a NUTRISHOP™ retail store?

The average store size is approximately 1,200 square feet. However, we can accommodate any size store.

Do you assist with the build out and also help in setting up my retail store?

Absolutely. Our staff will guide you through the entire process should you need assistance. Once your location has been selected, we can set up a timeline of events that will end with the actual grand opening of your store. Rest assured, your hand will be held through this entire process.

Do you offer training for new store owners?

Yes. When you become a NUTRISHOP™ Licensee, we provide you with an extensive training program that includes product knowledge, sales, marketing, merchandising, inventory control, customer retention and more. This unique experience will also allow you the opportunity to shadow successful store owners and managers to get a firm grasp on the day to day operations that take place in a NUTRISHOP™ retail location. This comprehensive training program takes place in Southern California and finishes off with a final recap meeting with the corporate team. This program encompasses everything you will need to know with respect to operating a successful NUTRISHOP™ retail nutrition store.

Do you offer any marketing assistance?

Absolutely. Our in-house marketing and design team have decades of experience and are here to assist you in your success every step of the way. We have a library of hundreds of pre-designed templates for flyers, postcards, print ads, direct mail, email campaigns, posters, vehicle wraps, billboards, banners, yard signs, social media, radio, television and more. In addition, our graphic design department can create custom designed pieces as well to fit your specific marketing needs. You will have access to some of the most aggressive and effective marketing campaign programs in the industry. Our marketing methods, branding and approach have been tested and proven over the last 14+ years. In addition, our user friendly website, NutriShopUSA.com, our national print marketing and social media is designed to drive customers to your store. …And all of your graphic design work is done free of charge!

Do you offer any ongoing support once my store is open?

Yes. Our goal is to assist each and every store owner with their ongoing success. Prior to your store opening, you will be assigned a Team Leader who will be your primary contact person and responsible for assisting you in the ongoing operations and success of your store. We believe that doing right by our Licensees, we will do right for our company. We recognize that the success of our company is dependent on the profitability and success of our store owners. The ongoing benefits provided by our experienced management team will give you the competitive edge and tools needed to succeed in this rapidly growing retail nutrition industry. Upon completion of this FAQ, I would encourage you to visit the Store Owner Testimonials section of this website to hear what some of our current owners have to say about NUTRISHOP™.

How much is the total start up cost and what do I need financially to qualify?

The total investment for a new NUTRISHOP™ retail store will vary based on factors such as store size, location, rents, sign requirements, etc. However, the estimated initial investment, which includes the one-time origination fee, first month’s rent & security deposit, build out, permits, shelving, flooring, paint, fixtures, computer, printer, POS program, alarm, security cameras, first year's insurance, signage, approximately $75K in inventory, airfare/accommodations for training and pre-opening marketing campaign, is approximately $132K - $156K. There is nothing hidden and certainly no surprises. To be considered for a NUTRISHOP™ License, you must have immediate access to these funds.

Does NUTRISHOP help you with financing?

NUTRISHOP does not provide financing directly to Licensees, but we'd be happy to introduce you to qualified lenders who specialize in small business finance.

Are there any monthly royalty payments?

No. Some franchise models may charge anywhere from 7% to 12% based on your gross monthly sales. NUTRISHOP™ is not a franchise and therefore does not collect royalty payments from store owners based on gross monthly sales. International Licensing Fees and Terms may vary for countries outside the United States.

What if I already own a retail nutrition store…Is it possible for me to convert my store to a NUTRISHOP™?

Yes. Please fill out the online Application and be sure to note on the Application the name of your store and what city and state your store is located and representative will be in contact with you to discuss the details of this opportunity.

What is the next step in obtaining additional information regarding opening a NUTRISHOP™ store?

The next step would be to complete our Online Application which will allow us to get to know you a little better. This is the first step of our qualifying process. Once we have received your Application, it will be reviewed and a representative will be in contact with you for an initial telephone call to discuss your level of interest, our history, and growth projections, and to answer any initial questions you may have.

Following this initial discussion, if you feel this opportunity with NUTRISHOP™ may be right for you and after you have met our initial qualifications, your Application and file will be reviewed by our corporate team.

If preliminarily approved, you may be invited down to our Corporate Office to meet with our corporate team. Here you will be able to tour some of our locations and have any additional questions answered.

After visiting our Corporate Offices, having had all of your questions answered, and having been approved for a NUTRISHOP™ License, the next step would be to secure your city or territory with a Territory Deposit. This will prevent any other potential new store owners that may be interested, from acquiring that same territory. At this point, we will welcome you to the NUTRISHOP™ family and begin looking forward to assisting you in developing your store(s).

When you become part of the NUTRISHOP™ family, you are in business for yourself… but not by yourself.

Take the next step to learning more about the License Opportunities with NUTRISHOPTM by filling out our Online Application.