Fit Food Recipes

Face it, you're bored at home and constantly surfing the fridge and pantry. Give yourself something creative and fun to do that won't wreck your waistline. Make some BCAA gummies!
Got a sweet-tooth craving and need to satisfy it without wrecking your healthy eating plan? This is a great sweet treat without the high calorie damage!
You’re in luck! Here is a savory recipe that takes traditional Mexican chicken verde enchiladas and makes them lighter. The whole family will love them!
Satisfy your sweet tooth with this delicious chocolate protein pudding recipe! It's quick and easy to prepare, and won’t derail your diet.
Place all ingredients in a blender and process until thick and smooth. Garnish with toppings, if desired. Enjoy!
If you don’t own a waffle iron, it’s time you make this investment in your fitness future! You can't afford to miss out on these.
Warm up with this classic and comforting, family-favorite recipe. It’s perfect after a chilly day spent outside or while curling up by the fire.
Splurge a little and get into the Halloween spirit with these frighteningly delicious treats spiked with protein that will have you and your loved ones coming back for more!
Don’t leave your gains behind by forgetting your post-workout meal! Try this recipe for a scrumptious double chocolate protein shake.
These treats are a cross between a cookie and a muffin top texture. Super delicious and soft, just the right bit of sweetness, and that pumpkin spice that you wait for all year long!