NBJ Reviews the $25 Billion U.S. Supplement Market

2009-10-16 - Nutrition Business Journal (NBJ)

Last year’s economic implosion didn’t offer many silver linings for businesses, but one positive effect of the recession for the U.S. nutrition industry was the spike in consumer interest in dietary supplements. Some predicted that consumers’ falling disposable income would hamper dietary supplement sales, but in fact the opposite actually occurred. Of all the categories, supplements was the only one to actually grow more in 2008 than in 2007—which is saying a lot for a relatively mature business in a tough economy. Nutrition Business Journal estimates show that total U.S. consumer sales of dietary supplements expanded 6.2% to $25.2 billion last year.  Beyond the economy, 2008 proved to be an eventful year for the nutrition industry from a regulatory and news-making perspective, and 2009 is turning out to offer even more of the same.