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Weight Loss

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Smiling woman in oversized jeans

Weight loss is definitely possible, even if you think it isn't. Check out these nine helpful tips!Read more

Bowl of beef and vegetable soup.

Long before we take our first bite of pumpkin pie or eat that first gingerbread man over the holidays, some of us start eating more calories just because it's fall. Read more

Close up of a woman's slim waist

Quick weight loss may feel nice, but what is the overall cost in the end? Here's why you should take it slow. Read more

Before and after photos of Mike Faber

Nutrishop customer Mike Faber shares his inspiring transformation story of how he went from 300 pounds and in poor health to a much healthier and fitter version of himself. Read more

Upset woman holding a scale in her hand

Frustrated with the number on the scale after week two or your diet and workout plan? Here are some other reasons the number isn't budging!Read more

Man sleeping in bed

Successful weight loss is not just about reducing calories, it’s also about regulating hormones that contribute to weight gain and a slower metabolism. Read more

Before and after photos of Beth Van Kampen

Beth Van Kampen looked at herself in the mirror one day and no longer recognized herself. This is her transformation story.Read more

Before and after photos of Amy Bernard

Customer from NUTRISHOP Northshore in Covington, LA shares how she lost over 60 pounds by learning the value of nutrition.Read more