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Weight Loss

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Image of woman with a fiber bar

Incorporating enough fiber in your diet is good for your health and your waistline!Read more

rice, chicken , fish, chocolate, tea

Eat these foods to help boost your metabolism and keep the weight off for good!Read more

Anna-Garrett Nash before and after photos

Anna-Garrett Nash, 25, a customer of Nutrishop Tupelo, Mississippi, shares her transformation journey story. Read more

Woman and man doing push up shoulder taps together

Most people who embark on a fitness journey aim to cut body fat and hit a lower number...Read more

Shocked man holding his belly fat with one hand

When we think of “fat,” we tend to think of subcutaneous fat, which is the fat just underneath...Read more

Before and after picture of a woman

If weight loss was at the top of your list when it came to setting goals for 2022, how are things going so far?Read more

Person on scale holding a donut in one hand and an apple in the other

If you want to acheive a total-body transformation and think you can eat healthy only 80% of the time, think again.  Read more

Woman screaming excitedly

Do you have great intention to accomplish your goals, but find yourself petering out well before you can reach them? You need to read this!Read more