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In the Spotlight

Inspiring athletes, customers, and franchisees.

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Adrianne Dobbs in front of her home

Adrianne Dobbs had to overcome severe body dysmorphia and an eating disorder to realize she needed to make a mental change and focus on being healthy and happy.Read more

Before and after photos of Mike Faber

Nutrishop customer Mike Faber shares his inspiring transformation story of how he went from 300 pounds and in poor health to a much healthier and fitter version of himself. Read more

Tine Moore posing in nutrishop merch

Tine (Christine) Moore was born a Christmas baby 35 years ago. She played sports since she was age...Read more

Janae Smith laying in the sun

Introducing Nutrishop Influencer Janae Smith. Discover her inspiring story and her favorite cheat meal!Read more

David Robinson before and after photos

David Robinson went from flab to super ripped for his first Men's Physique show and his hard work and consistency certainly paid off!Read more

Before and after photos of Beth Van Kampen

Beth Van Kampen looked at herself in the mirror one day and no longer recognized herself. This is her transformation story.Read more

Before and after photos of Amy Bernard

Customer from NUTRISHOP Northshore in Covington, LA shares how she lost over 60 pounds by learning the value of nutrition.Read more

Before and after photos of Naomi Dyer

Mother of two/ER nurse shares how she lost an incredible 115 pounds and is now getting ready for her first fitness competition. Read more