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Person staring at phone in bed

In the last decade, scientists have uncovered one of the single most important discoveries in human health: America has...Read more

Woman meditating on the beach

Your diet is not the only factor that determines your health. Sleep, meditation and even a 'treat' meal can help. Read more

One sliced avocado in front of a pile of avocados

You’d be surprised how many people still believe that consuming fats is the root cause of all health-related problems...Read more

An orange with the letter C carved into it

Vitamin C has gained popularity among people seeking to boost their immune systems or recover faster. Read more

A heart shapped puzzle with a stethoscope

Heart disease is still a huge killer of men and women in the United States. But, heart disease can...Read more

hands on a steering wheel covered in sticky notes with reminders

Do you know people who are always busy busy busy? So busy that their automatic response to a friendly...Read more