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Woman happily reading a book outside

Your brain is technically an organ, but you can exercise it like a muscle to keep it sharp and prevent mental decline.Read more

Woman talking to a doctor

We women are all too familiar with the "annual exam," but are we intentionally engaged in the process, or are...Read more

Woman sleeping in bed

Are you getting your beauty rest? We spend one-third of our life sleeping, and not surprisingly, how much quality...Read more

Close up of a person's eye

Eyestrain is such a pain, but here are two exercises you can do that will help!Read more

Couple happily running together

New report shows that moderate exercise can improve immune function and could reduce risk of contracting COVID-19. Read more

Close up of a dog licking a man's face

 Stress is a killer. And who isn’t extra stressed in 2020? Get your woo-saaahhh on with these stress-busting tips. Read more

Man doing push ups on a track

Feeling like a failure? Here are some simple ways to get motivated and stay motivated to achieve your health and wellness goals. Read more

Woman laying on floor exhausted after workout

Burnout is quickly becoming a real problem and is actually considered to be an epidemic. Are you at risk?Read more