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Woman stretching in front of window right out of bed

Here are three positive, productive and proven ways to start your day and set yourself up for success.Read more

Shocked man holding his belly fat with one hand

When we think of “fat,” we tend to think of subcutaneous fat, which is the fat just underneath...Read more

Woman screaming excitedly

Do you have great intention to accomplish your goals, but find yourself petering out well before you can reach them? You need to read this!Read more

Woman making a kissy face at a head of brocolli in her hand

Here are seven great lifestyle practices you can start right now to get and stay fit and healthy for life!Read more

Smiling woman laying on ground with chrismtas lights and other decorations

Here is a short, easy to remember, and super effective breathing technique to help reduce stress instantly! Read more

Man happily sleeping in bed

Pssst, trust us, your loved ones will thank us for enlightening you about this one. Read more

Smiling woman on a tree swing while its snowing

From mindful breating to getting enough sleep, here are four tips to reduce stress during the holidays and be more joyful and peaceful!Read more

Close up of man smiling while laying in a bed of grass

Mindfulness is a breath of fresh air for our multitasking, social media-obsessed culture. Read more