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Person holding their cramped knee

Here are three causes and solutions for pesky calf cramps so they won't sideline you during your workouts. Read more

Woman meditating with a sunset overlay on her head

You work out your muscles, but what about your brain? As we age, cognitive function will decline over...Read more

Various pieces of exercise equipment with jump rope in the middle symbolizing a heartbeat

Most of the risk factors for heart disease are preventable with exercise and nutrition choices, but what kind of exercise is the right kind? Read more

Heart shaped bowl with fruits and vegetables

From salmon to nuts to blueberries and more, these are the best foods you can eat to support cardiovascular health.Read more

Exercise equipment surrounding a plate full of fruits, vegetables and nuts with a heart in the middle

Heart disease is the number one killer of Americans year after year. But it doesn't have to be. Keep reading for heart-healthy tips!Read more

Woman stretching in front of window right out of bed

Here are three positive, productive and proven ways to start your day and set yourself up for success.Read more

Shocked man holding his belly fat with one hand

When we think of “fat,” we tend to think of subcutaneous fat, which is the fat just underneath...Read more

Woman screaming excitedly

Do you have great intention to accomplish your goals, but find yourself petering out well before you can reach them? You need to read this!Read more