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Woman hiking and smiling back at camera

Hiking is not just about melting calories, it can also help alleviate stress, tone your body, and elevate your mood.Read more

Group of people on cycle machines

HIIT can be taxing on the body, however when implemented correctly it can greatly improve your performance in the gym. Read more

Woman running outdoors

The benefits of fasted cardio have been debated amongst many coaches, athletes, and trainers. So who is right? Read more

Close up of legs walking

So you've got some extra, um, quarantine pounds you'd like to eliminate? Walk them off! Read more

Woman pinching her arm skin

Implement some or all of these six strategies and let the arms “gains” begin! Read more

Woman laying down on yoga mat

Everyone can stand to benefit from adding a little yoga into their workout regimen, particularly when it comes to relieving stress.Read more

Upset woman holding an exercise ball

Studies show getting motivated may actually be the hardest part about working out. Read more

Woman doing squat lunges at home

Don't worry. You can still get a great workout at home with minimal equipment.Read more