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Lineup of women's bodybuilding competitors

Seasoned fitness and physique competitor shares her top five peak-week and show-day mishaps and how to avoid/fix them!Read more

Close up of a flexed woman's back

Your muscles are responsible for so much more than just making you look good in the gym mirror. Follow these tips for healthy muscles!Read more

Boy holding down his dad's legs as the dad does sit ups

Will Smith recently made headlines talking about how out of shape his “Dad Bod” had become. He’s not...Read more

Woman posing her back in gym attire

These bodyweight moves will help shape and tighten your thighs, hamstrings, butt and calves. Get ready to sweat! Read more

Woman kicking a punching bag

Burn MORE calories in half the time and, more importantly, have FUN while doing it with these two fresh ways to SWEAT!Read more

Woman doing a yoga pose

When you think of digestive health, what comes to mind? Generally, our minds gravitate toward nutritional answers like eating...Read more

Woman exercises on leg press machine

Get neck-breaking, jaw-dropping legs like Jennifer Lopez, Jennifer Aniston, and Carrie Underwood with this hardcore leg workout.Read more

Man and woman running together

If you need a little help firing up your fitness, nutrition, and wellness motivation again, try this innovative 30-Day Fit & Healthy Passport.Read more