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Man and woman running together

If you need a little help firing up your fitness, nutrition, and wellness motivation again, try this innovative 30-Day Fit & Healthy Passport.Read more

Woman working out in her living room

You may not be attending the Oscars this weekend, but that doesn’t mean you can’t be red-carpet ready for your own moment in the spotlight!Read more

Man on elliptical machine

Here are some tips for selecting the right fitness equipment for your home gym based on your health and fitness goals.Read more

Woman doing bench press exercise

Here is a three-day back-to-basics weight training routine that covers the major muscle groups! Read more

Man trail running, mid leap

I started running in college. Or, I should say, I started to love running in college.Read more

Man and woman stretching outside

Outdoor workouts are not simply indoor workouts taken outside. Safety and sustainability are important. Read more

Woman in a gym doing dumbbell curls

If you’ve been lifting weights for a long time, you have probably experienced a plateau, if not several, in your fitness journey.Read more

Close up of dumbbells with treadmills in the back

Here, we dig into cardio facts versus fiction so you can build fitness programs for physique and for health.Read more