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Get in the best shape of your life!

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This year, host a healthy potluck event for your friends (Friendsgiving) that kicks off with a workout involving planks (Planksgiving)! Read more

Nothing beats a nice set of shoulders! They telegraph athleticism, strength, and competence. And they make your waist look smaller! Read more

Are you a breast cancer survivor who feels like your inner athlete lost her spark? You aren’t alone: one...Read more

Resistance Bands are your exercise-anywhere BFF, strength coach, and workout partner all in one! Try this full-body workout! Read more

Brittney Stracener is a mother of a toddler and like many struggles finding the time to stay fit and sustain a healthy...Read more

Not every fitness routine works for everyone the same way and not every program is a great fit for you. Read more

Finding it harder and harder to tie your shoes because your muscles are too tightly wound up? It's time...Read more

Ever wonder when is the best time to work out? Great news! It’s not a guessing game. Science answers this question for us.Read more