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Fit woman holding hands up in a heart shape in front of her chest

Are the snowfall and cold keeping you stuck indoors? Having lived in northern climates, I remember the days of...Read more

Fit woman doing a seated dumbbell bicep curl in the gym

How many times have you gone to the gym to realize that you're unsure what to do? Or you've...Read more

Group of people exercising in a yoga class

Have you ever thought about what workout you should do based on your personality traits? Whether you’re introverted/shy, energetic,...Read more

Woman standing with jump rope and dumbbells

When it comes to programming workouts, I’m all about efficiency and getting it done QUICK while still torching calories!...Read more

Amy Jo Palmquest alongside someone

This workout is a slight variation from the one personal trainer and Nutrishop owner Amy Jo Palmquest led in...Read more

Personal trainer Kimberly Lynn posing with a medicine ball

Are you short on time but still want a workout that will BURN calories AND get you results?! Well,...Read more

Women doing mountain climbers while smiling

We all know how important it is to regularly move your body and exercise. Even the Centers for...Read more

Woman tying her running shoes

Have you taken a long break from working out due to an injury, pregnancy, the pandemic or burnout? Here are six tips for success!Read more