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Resistance Bands: Your New BFF

Say "hello" to your exercise-anywhere BFF, strength coach, and workout partner all in one! If you are not already using resistance bands in your training routine, you are missing out!

Resistance bands are inexpensive, take up little to no room, come in a variety of strengths and lengths, and have seemingly endless uses. They are super effective on their own or can be added to free weight, barre, yoga or pilates workouts to amplify intensity.

Here are seven resistance band moves that will give you a total-body, heart-pumping, muscle-sculpting workout you can do anywhere. Perform each movement for 15 to 20 reps and repeat 4 to 6 rounds.

See for yourself why we are hooked on this powerhouse workout tool!


  1. Place band under feet to hold, stand with feet shoulder-width apart, hands at shoulders.
  2. Sit down until thighs are parallel to the ground.
  3. Stand up and extend arms overhead.
  4. Bring arms back to shoulder height.

Single Leg Deadlift with a Row

  1. Place band under one foot, hands at sides.
  2. Hinge at the hip, keep the leg with the resistance band straight, extend the free leg behind, pull hands toward the ribs.
  3. Return to upright position.
  4. Perform on both sides.


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Sumo Squat with a High Pull

  1. Place band under both feet, stand with feet wider than shoulder-distance apart with external rotation, hand extended in front.
  2. Sit down until thighs are parallel to the ground.
  3. Stand up and pull the band up towards the chest, reach elbows up higher than shoulders.
  4. Lower arms to start position.

Split Squat with Bicep Curl

  1. Place band under one foot and stager feet into a split stance, arms extended straight out in front.
  2. Lower down into a lunge, bend at the elbows to curl arms to a 90-degree angle.
  3. Stand up and lower arms back to start position.
  4. Perform on both sides.

Triceps Pushup with a Kickback

  1. Begin on hands and knees on the ground in a tabletop position. Loop the band around one foot and hold the ends in each hand.
  2. Hug the elbows in next to ribs and lower chest down toward the ground then extend the leg holding the resistance band straight back.
  3. Press up and lower leg down to start position.
  4. Perform on both sides.

Single Arm Oblique Row

  1. Begin in a seated position, legs extended out straight, band looped around both feet.
  2. Pull one arm towards the chest, lean back and rotate simultaneously.
  3. Return to start.
  4. Perform on the other side.

Hollow Hold with Chest Expansion

  1. Begin laying on your back. Loop band around both feet and hold above your belly.
  2. Extend legs off the ground. Curl head neck shoulders off the ground, the back should be flat on the ground.
  3. Pull arms out into a T position.
  4. Return arms.
  5. Repeat.

– By Corey Phelps, NASM certified trainer and nutrition expert. Follow her on IG @cultivatebycorey


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