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Reasons to Own a Health Related Franchise

The first thing that moves someone down a path to success in owning a health related franchise is a passion for the industry. There has to be a passion for the health and fitness, and it has to be a part of the potential owner's lifestyle. There needs to be a passion for helping other people, and seeing them reach their goals.

The U.S. nutrition industry grew 10.7% in 2007 to approximately $93 billion and that is according to the recently released 2008 Nutrition Industry Overview of the Nutrition Business Journal. People are much more aware of health and fitness needs today than they were just a few years ago. However, society as a whole is becoming more and more obese. A health related franchise is a smart business because there will always be a need for it in the U.S., especially with the average American lifestyle. American's are living fast-paced lifestyles with poor eating habits. This translates into the obesity problem we see so prevalent in the culture. People are also becoming more and more aware that they need to supplement their diets with dietary supplements in order to get the necessary nutritional intake.

Is a Health Related Franchise the Best Option Out There?
For some people, a health related franchise offering is exactly what they are looking for in a business. However, there are many people who seek an option where they have more flexibility in how they run their health related business, what types of products to carry, what prices to sell those products for, and the ability to open a store with substantially less start up and ongoing operational expenses. Many of these people are choosing Nutrishop as a solution to these issues.

Nutrishop is not a franchise, but instead, the store owners are Licensees. This allows store owners to use the Nutrishop name and retail system backed by their track record of success. Like a franchise, Nutrishop provides its store owners all the training, support and guidance they wish to have in setting up and running their health related business. Unlike a typical franchise, Nutrishop store owners do not pay any royalties to Nutrishop. In a typical health related franchise, store owners are required to pay royalties on the gross monthly sales, upwards of 5 to 9%.

Not only are there no royalty payments with Nutrishop, start up costs are roughly 40 - 50% of typical health related franchise offerings. While Nutrishop does provide broker assistance and contractors for build out, it is not necessary for a new store owner to use either of those services if they have other arrangements. Health related franchise offerings typically dictate how the business is operated, down to the last detail. Nutrishop store owners are their own boss. The store is theirs to run, and they have the freedom to run it accordingly with plenty of ongoing support from the corporate staff.

With over a decade of expertise in the industry, Nutrishop offers all store owners their full knowledge of the industry. Nutrishop will literally hold the hand of prospective store owners throughout the entire process of getting their store started and running efficiently. This support doesn't stop after the store is up and running. There is an extensive training program in place to assist store owners not only in the initial phases, but also ongoing throughout the stores operation.

What is the Process for Getting Started With Nutrishop?
The first thing a prospective Nutrishop store owner needs to do is fill out an application. Once received, that application is put through an approval process. The prospective store owner is usually contacted within 24 hours after the application has been submitted. At that point, every aspect of the Nutrishop business is discussed. Prospective store owners are literally given all the information needed to make an educated decision on whether or not to open a store.

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