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How is Nutrishop Different Than a Traditional Health Food Store Franchise?

Nutrishop is not a health food store franchise, but rather a licensed retail location. Approaching 100 locations nationwide and growing, Nutrishop stores offer customers the most effective, highest quality sports nutrition and weight loss products at the guaranteed lowest prices. Nutrishop supports every customer in reaching their fitness goals by offering unparalleled customer service.

What Are the Benefits of a License Over a Health Food Store Franchise?
There are many benefits to licensing when compared to franchising. From a cost perspective, operating a licensed retail Nutrishop location is roughly one-half the cost of a similar franchise business model. Licensed Nutrishop store locations do not pay monthly royalties. Most all franchises require owners to pay royalties. Typical monthly royalties for a health food store franchise business model might be around 5 to 9% of the gross monthly sales. With a Nutrishop store, there are no royalties based on gross monthly sales.

Most health food store franchises also dictate how the business is to be operated down to the last detail. With a licensed Nutrishop store, the owners are essentially their own boss. All Nutrishop store owners are provided in-depth training, advice, guidance, marketing support and ongoing industry expertise from leaders with more than a decade of experience. However, at the end of the day, it's the individual store owner's decision to decide how to run his or her business, what products to carry, how much to sell them for, what marketing plans to implement, etc. Nutrishop headquarters does not dictate how each store owner should run their business, they are there to lend support in any way possible. It is important to note that Nutrishop headquarters is always available for every licensee, and will literally walk each store owner through the entire process of opening and running their Nutrishop location, but it is not imposed on business owners like that of a franchise.

What is the Process to Open a Nutrishop Location?
The first thing prospective business owners will need to do is fill out an application. All applications are put through an approval process. Nutrishop staff is usually in contact with a prospective licensee within 24 hours after an application is received. At that point, every facet of the company will be discussed. Nutrishop's goal is to educate potential store owners on all aspects of the business. This way, each potential store owner has all the information they need to make an educated choice. Beyond that, with respect to location, Nutrishop has a broker that has worked with the company since its inception. The broker will assist with lease negotiation, site location, demographic research, etc. Potential Nutrishop store owners do not have to use the real estate broker provided by the company, it is simply an option to make things easier.

What Are Some Estimates for Opening a Nutrishop?
Costs for setting up a Nutrishop location depend greatly on the size of the store. Square footage plays a big role in relation to rent, the build-out, tenant improvements, etc. Typically, though, it's about 40 to 50% less to open a Nutrishop then it would be to open a similar health food store franchise. One reason for this is that Nutrishop does not profit form the acquisition of the store, the build-out, fixtures, etc. Nutrishop provides contractors that will perform the build-out at reasonable costs, but store owners are welcome to use their own contractors if they choose.

What are the Expansion Possibilities with Nutrishop?
Business owners with Nutrishop can open as many locations as they desire. There is no limit. Quite a few Nutrishop store owners have more than one location. With Nutrishop, once a store owner gets a handle on their first location, it is very simple to duplicate their efforts and expand to other locations…and many owners come to Nutrishop with that objective in mind. Nutrishop store owners have protected territories based on the radius distance and population for specific cities. The broker Nutrishop uses does an incredible job of gathering the demographic rating for a specific area including the average income of the area, population, age, etc. A detailed report is provided to allow potential store owners the opportunity to evaluate the potential success of opening a Nutrishop sports nutrition and weight loss products location in a particular area.

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