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Kyle Metz
Location: Lowell, IN
Gym: Fuel Fitness
Height: 5' 9"
Weight: 230 lbs during the offseason 198 lbs at Showtime

I am a 24 year old Chicago journeyman plumber who recently married the love of my life, Brittney. We currently reside in NW Indiana with our 2 year old English Mastiff, Bentley. Although weight lifting has been a passion of mine since my days as a high school athlete, it didn't become a lifestyle until after I graduated. That was when I realized my potential and began the pursuit of my dream and stepped up my training over the next five years. In 2010, I entered my first national competition, the Chicago Ironman, where I competed against 27 other hungry competitors. My hard work, dedication and consistency paid off and I took 2nd place! If I wasn't motivated enough before then, that 2nd place finish fueled my dream to become a professional bodybuilder and I am currently working to achieve that goal.

  • Evans Blue
  • Volbeat
  • Otherwise
  • Chevelle
  • Avenged Sevenfold

Product: N'SANE

Product: HGH-191

Product: PRO7EIN

Product: Glutacor
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