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Julian Grubbs
Location: Inglewood, California
Gym: Villa Park and the Rose Bowl in Pasadena California
Height: 5' 9"
Weight: 185 lbs

Hello. My name is Julian Grubbs. I'm a 32 year old father, certified personal trainer, WBFF Pro Muscle Model and NPC Men's Physique competitor. I've competed 8 times and placed first in my class 7 times with 2 overall victories. I most recently competed at the WBFF show in L.A in October 2013. I've been into fitness, aesthetics and conditioning for life longevity and well rounded symmetry of the human body for over a decade and stay consistent with my conditioning all year round. I do not use any drugs/steroids/fat burners. I'm 100% natural.

In the past I've boxed and ran track and field but found my home in aesthetic bodybuilding. The dieting and workouts have a consistency like no other and I feel everyone should strive to live a healthy fit lifestyle, exercising discipline to appreciate it more wholeheartedly. I see aesthetic training as an art. The human body is the canvas and each time I compete I try and create a masterpiece. I have no trainer or team. I am my best client.

I want to be the best. I want to be remembered as the definition of an aesthetic physique. If this means I must compete everywhere at any given moment, then thats what I will do. Financially at the moment it's difficult to compete, but I will not be stopped. Above all, I hope to be recognized as the man with one of the greatest physiques of 2014 and every year after. I want to know that all my struggle, hard work and determination to this lifestyle have not been in vain. If you wish to follow me on my journey, I post a pic daily on my Instagram as proof I'm always competition ready!
Julian Grubbs: Instagram - madabz81

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