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Gina Leigh
Location: Clovis, CA
Gym: Fort Washington Fitness (Fresno, CA)
Height: 5' 4 1/2"
Weight: 123 lbs stage weight, 128 lbs off-season

As a Mom, C.F.O. of a contracting company, Personal Trainer, Fitness Clothing Designer, Cycling Instructor, Keiser Fitness Model and a National Level Bikini Competitor I have truly grown to understand the importance of influence. I am constantly looked to for leadership, guidance, motivation and dependability in all of my positions. Regardless of which "hat" I am wearing at the moment, I find it moving; the impact one can have on many lives. Be it my children, my clients, my employees or community, I have had the delighted experience of watching my role in their lives positively affect their own and others around them. It's beyond fulfilling.

I have always been active and lived a fit and healthy lifestyle, which I directly pass on my two most important possessions, my children. They are my biggest fans as I am theirs. We are a TEAM. I make sure to help them reach success in their academic and athletic goals and they do the same to help support and encourage me towards my personal goals. No matter how busy we get running to meet all of our hectic schedules, they know that an active life must be balanced with relaxation, love and quality time with our family. I couldn't be where I am right now, as a working single mother of two extremely active children, without the teamwork displayed by my family.

A year ago I decided to set a goal and compete in the NPC Bikini Division and my local Nutrishop gladly sponsored and supported me every step pf the way. I took 3rd in both Novice and Open Classes at my first competition, Muscle Contest's Tournament of Champions National Qualifier, last September. I was ecstatic to qualify for Nationals my very first time on stage. I then took the stage at Muscle Sport Productions' Fresno Classic National Qualifier this April, and took 2nd, again proving my qualification for Nationals. I had been preparing since, for USA's and my first chance at a Pro Card, in Las Vegas, on July 25th. 800 of the best competitors in the country competed for 53 pro cards and IFBB Pro titles. I placed 23rd in my division of 33 beautiful ladies. My new goal is to improve myself based on the feedback from the judges for next year’s USA’s.

I love working in the industry of fitness and nutrition. It's the only job where you can educate, inspire and motivate people towards hard work, for themselves, and watch the success progress right before your eyes. The end result of this influence is increased longevity, boosted confidence and most importantly it is contagious. One person's transformation always sparks the interest of at least one more person. It becomes a domino effect of paying it forward. Fitness and its inspiration have become more than a trend, it has become a movement recently .I'm elated to be a part of that movement.

  • Rihanna
  • Martin Garrix
  • Maroon 5
  • Staind
  • No Doubt
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